The Azores Burning Summer has been taking place at the beach and Moinhos of Porto Formoso, in São Miguel island, since 2015. We celebrate the end of summer with great music in an enchanting natural setting.

This eco-festival is characterized by a tropical sounding line-up
and an innovative ecological program based on sustainability measures.
We end the festival on the beach at sunrise with the iconic Trinity bonfire.

Adrian Sherwood — director of the independent label On-U Sound — is a key figure in mobilising artists from UK. The music curation is shared with Filipe Tavares, festival director, and together they create the musical identity of the event, with a mixture of jazz, funk, dub, reggae and soul.

In 2019 the ecological program is reinforced by its partnership with Ambassadors 
Ana Milhazes and Catarina Matos.


We advocate and implement a ‘Zero Waste’ policy. Since 2016 we have been a lab-festival with regard to sustainability through the use of environmental measures and good practices, such as:

We introduced Ecopoints for the collection of paper, plastic, metal and food waste

Water is sold by the cup

Meals are served on biodegradable materials: plates made of wheat bran, sugar cane or paper with wooden cutlery

In the toilets we use: LED lighting, timed taps and recycled toilet paper

We restrict advertising within the enclosure of the event in defense of the ‘Visual Noise Zero’ policy

The car park is located 1 km from the venue in order to reduce traffic and air pollution in the festival’s venue

We ban plastic cups, plates, bottles, straws, guitar picks and other disposables

Sugar (for coffee) is provided in dispensers in order to replace sachets

We use recycled and biodegradable paper napkins

We offer individual portable ashtrays

Drinks are served in reusable eco-cup

In the bars we use a refill system to replace cans, glass, plastic and cardboard containers

We do not use tablecloths so there is no waste

Our  flyers and posters are made of recycled paper

The car park is located 1 km from the venue in order to reduce traffic and air pollution in the festival’s venue

Ecological Program

Eco Talks


The Eco Talks are debates that integrate the festival’s ecological programming and address prominent environmental issues.

Expo Veículos Elétricos

electric vehicles

Every year we promote a display of commercially available electric vehicles with the aim of bringing awareness to the public about the environmental and economical advantages of electric mobility.

Burning Market


It’s a Fair that promotes the eco-design, natural products and crafts made by the local community.


In the 2019 edition we have as Ambassadors the eco-activists Ana Milhazes and Catarina Matos. As pioneers and entrepreneurs, they are active voices in championing ‘zero waste’ lifestyles. They participate in the ecological programming of the festival.

Yoga instructor, sociologist and trainer, is the author of the blog Ana, Go Slowly and creator of the movement ‘Zero Trash Portugal’. In her lectures, she teaches her lifestyle and values: minimalism, slow living and zero waste.

Entrepreneurial, she created the zero-waste digital store Mind the Trash, with the purpose of offering sustainable products to consumers, as an alternative to mass consumption. “To me ‘Mind The Trash’ is more than an online store. It’s a way of being that works in synchronicity with nature. ”


The festival ends with a concert on Moinhos beach at dawn, soothed by the Trinity bonfire. This bonfire represents the ancestral relationship with fire and the tripartite nature of the human being: body, mind and spirit. The beach ritual celebrates the end of the summer, the nature cycles, as well as the beginnings and endings that are always present in our lives.